About us

Dear reader!

Our son his name is Gergo, he is 10 years old (2017) and since his early age, has been fond of telling tales. For 1 year now draws the story with Wacom digital signboard! That’s why we decided to create the Letter Land Story blog (in English, Hungarian and Spanish), where we can share these stories and pictures with everyone. With these short stories we try to help parents, educators talk and encourage children to find their own tale. With the help of their imagination, they can make letters, even human figures, and personalize them, as Gergo does! So you can play the script by playing it!

In tales and adventures, ABC’s will travel around the world in known and unknown places. They will present different events, cultures, traditions, buildings and art works for children! We would also like to show you knowingly how to use the state of the art infocommunication tools so that the world can be introduced to us!

Gergo currently speaks five languages ​​at the moment, so we are writing an English, Hungarian and Spanish blog (Letter Land Story blog, Betű Mese y Cuentos de Letras), which can help the children with language skills to help learn or practice their existing language. The drawings are made using a Wacom digital tablet, using a simple, paperless, environmentally friendly technology. Everything is feasible with traditional drawing methods. Fantastic colors and shapes can be created with it. Connecting is very easy, compatible with any computer, there are both wired and wireless versions. We can only offer you from 5-6-7 years of age. Try this tool to develop children’s sketching skills. No unnecessary waste of paper, dirty drawings pollution!

Several phases of drawing can be saved and captured so that the development of childish drawing skills can be traced continuously. From our own experience we can tell you that it is a super-fun and motivating action for kids!

It is important for both parents and teachers to recognize and care for childlike talent early. By creating our blog we want to present and motivate others to what we are constantly experiencing, how our child creates tales and drawings in different languages ​​through fantasy. The blog was created because we wanted parents and teachers to design a way to support the development of children’s creativity through a family project that is now in practice.

Please read stories, stories about yourself and children, find stories, draw, tell each other and share your thoughts, joy and success with us. We are waiting for every happy post and story!