The Phonebooth

Once upon a time, there were two friends called Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, who were good friends and lived in a flat nearby Big Ben in London. They often wandered around in the city and really liked to meet with people and talk to them. When they came down from their flat, they were always greeted by a red phonebooth as they came out of the door. They always saw people phoning they’re families or friends, and since they were not heigh enough to reach the phone in the booth, they could never phone anyone.

Another problem was that they didn´t really have many people who they knew to phone, so they wouldn´t have used the booth anyway, but they still liked its bright red colour which can be recognized anywhere in England. One day they came out of their flat and as they walked down the stairs from the 3rd floor, they could hear people talking and shouting as they waited in line for the booth. The problem was that all the phonebooths in London no longer operated, and the one in front of their flat was the only one that functioned in the city.

The Phonebooth

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet were astounded, and they were covering their ears because of the noise. Even the double-decker buses couldn´t be heard passing by! Winnie the Pooh had an idea, which was that he would go to check the main phonelines in the city, while Piglet would stay in the phonebooth waiting to hear something from the other side.

While Piglet waited, Winnie the Pooh sprinted across the whole city of London to go and check the phonelines outside of the city. When he arrived, a lot of engineers were there trying to figure out what had happened with the phonebooths. While the engineers were discussing what to do, Winnie the Pooh went down one of the drains which led to the main phonelines which connected all the phonelines in the city, from the phonebooths to the phone towers.

Meanwhile, Piglet was waiting for someone to call the phonebooth he was in to hear Winnie the Pooh and see if they were working again, and while all of this was happening, most of the street was now crowded with people waiting for the phonebooths to work again, and the crowd was so big that it blocked the roads on the street!

When Winnie the Pooh found the underground phone lines, he saw that the phone line for the phonebooths were all cut off and not functioning, while they’re phonebooth was still working just fine. Then, the bear called the engineers down the drain and told them what the problem was. When he explained the problem to the engineers, they immediately got to work and tried to get new phone lines to work.

Winnie the Pooh also told them to get the emergency phonebooth near the phone lines working again, so that he could try and call Piglet and tell him that the engineers were working on fixing the phone lines. When the emergency phonebooth was working again, Winnie the Pooh tried to reach the phone, but he still couldn’t. That’s when one of the engineers helped him and grabbed the bear high enough so that he could reach the phone.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

Once the phone rang in Piglet’s phonebooth, both friends were happy and were telling the people that the phonebooths were starting to work again. In a matter of minutes, all the phonebooths were back working again and the city of London went back to normal. And it was all because of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet!


The source of the photos:

The drawings and the story were made by: Gergo Gajdos

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