Drawing competition

Send me a digital drawing image: https://forms.office.com/r/A217Tavqpc

​ I am Gergo, 13 years old, I write stories in several languages, I speak 5 languages ​​- I also have a language exam in 2 languages ​​(English and Spanish), now I am learning German as the 6th language.

I make drawings and illustrations for my stories in the following blogs with a digital drawing board: https://cuentosdeletras.com/



With this project, I would like to enter to appear in the https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/​ Guinness Book of Records!

Let’s create a digital Environmentally World Story Book together! Drawing with 1000 digital whiteboards related to environmental protection!

What can we children do to save our Earth? We show you the wonderful creatures, animals, plants that live in our place of residence and what we can do to save them ?!

Send a drawing of your place of residence!

– Wonderful animals in my residence

– Fantastic plants in my residence

– Environment and children

Application conditions: I expect 1000 drawings from all over the world in 4 months!

Age: Children 4-14 years old can enter

Drawings can only be made with a digital whiteboard! (Environmental awareness) By uploading the image, you consent to its use, nickname, age, country and city.

Application period: 01. may. 2021-01. sept. 2021.

We do not store any personal data, no registration!

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