Merry Christmas!

It was a cold, snowy night in Finland. It was Christmas Eve, and Oppo was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus to his house. His parents were in the kitchen baking the Piparkakut (gingerbread cookies) while Oppo’s grandmother was watching the Christmas programs on the TV. Oppo had delivered the letter to Santa Claus but didn’t get to meet him. Oppo asked for a new PS5 which he loved very much, while Oppo’s parents had asked a something very special which was a secret to Oppo.

Oppo was viewing the night sky from his window, with the wind blowing and the snow falling. Oppo loved Christmas because he could get to hang out with his friends and since his parents worked in the local amusement park, they could get free family tickets to the Christmas specials in the park. Even though Oppo was very excited to taste his parents’ cookies, he wanted to wait to see Santa Claus from his window.

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After a while, Oppo was called down to dinner, but as he left the room, he forgot to close his window, and as the family were having dinner, a big snowstorm began, and the weather became extremely bad. It was only after a few minutes that Oppo realized his window was still open, and as he went up the stairs to close it, a loud bang sounded from his room. Oppo, his grandmother and his parents went up to see what had happened, and they couldn’t believe what they saw!

A reindeer was in Oppo’s room, shaking his head! Oppo went over to the reindeer to see if he was okay, while Oppo’s grandmother and parents heard some noises from the roof. They looked out of the window, and they could see on the roof Santa Claus, the sleigh and the reindeers! They were in total shock and the family called Santa Claus in from the roof for a cup of hot chocolate.

Santa Claus explained to Oppo’s family that after the snowstorm got worse, they were unable to control the sleigh and it crashes onto the roof of the house Oppo and his parents lived in. Santa Claus also told that they had a shortage of presents which were still being made at the toy factory and that he would need to come back to Finland multiple times during the night to get them delivered, but since his sleigh was broken, he couldn’t get going!

Fortunately, Oppo had an idea while hearing this. He asked his dad to go to the attic to search for tools to fix Santa’s sleigh. Oppo and his father found some tools to fix Santa’s sleigh and went up to the roof to see what they needed to fix. Meanwhile, Santa called all of the reindeers over to him on the yard of the house, however, two of the reindeers didn’t show up!

Santa was once again panicking because Oppo’s father was almost ready with the sleigh and Santa had no idea what to do. Thankfully, Oppo noticed the two missing reindeers flying in the sky, so he called out to Santa and Santa also noticed the two reindeers, so he called them with his special whistle and the reindeers rejoined with the others.

Santa was very thankful to Oppo and his family, and Oppo would never forget this day in his life. On the morning of December 6, Oppo woke up the fastest and he rushed down to the Christmas tree, he found a big box which was wrapped in a gaming style wrapping paper. He called down his parents and grandma and when he opened the box, he found that inside was his very desired PS5!

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Later, Oppo found a small letter on his box and when he read it, he was shocked and happy at the same time. It was a letter from Santa, who thanked him and his family for helping to fix the sleigh and find the reindeers. The special gift that Oppo’s parents got was a picture of a ultrasound scan in which there was an unborn baby, with which they told to Oppo that his was going to have a little brother or sister a few months later. Oppo was super happy when he heard this and he huged his family and almost couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive.

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Drawings are made by me.

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