Magic! – in Las Vegas

Become a part of this fantastic fantasy world game!

Drawing competition for children, children groups!
Dear children! Do you like to draw up the adventures of the characters and participate in creating a common web-story?
Be a part of a worldwide game!
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This tale can read in spanish: Cuentos de Letras blog, and hungarian also: Betű Mese blog

L Lillian

A Abby

S Steven

This is an incredible city! said Abby, staring at the window of the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

This is the city of my dreams! Lillian said with a mouth wide open.

There is the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas table, which is simply wonderful! “Steven said from taxi. “I never thought we’d ever get there! “Finally! “Abby said, who was very shocked.

You have no word, eh Abby? said Steven.

We’re going to sleep here in this luxury MGM Hotel? asked Lillian. “Yes My dear friend,” Abby said. “Let’s have one, tomorrow will be a big day!” “said Steven, who was already lying on the huge French bed.

Good morning girls! said Steven the next morning. We wish you a wonderful day, Steven! The girls glanced out of the huge window. -What do we eat for breakfast today? the young people questioned each other with a gastric stomach. “Now I want a good scrambled egg, lots of cheese, sausage and a delicious cocoa! said Steven.

I want to have a toast with butter, sausage and a good Starbucks coffee! She looked at the morning menu card Abby. – Do you know what we are doing? We will bring in this many delights in our room. I still order biscuits with orange juice, called the reception on the phone, Lillian

The three friends after breakfast had gone to explore the city. First they went to M&M’s Museum and Coca Cola Store and took some small gifts and some chocolate.

This is the best chocolate in the world I think! Yummy! -said Steven eating chocolate.

Unfortunately, I cannot eat such! Abby sighed sadly, because I’m sensitive to chocolate. The three friends boarded on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus and walked around the whole city. During the trip, they went to the High Roller, followed by Bellagio where they admired the most fantastic and biggest fountain in the world. They saw the Mirage Hotel with the “volcano” and the bus took them to Fremont Street too, where they saw so many interesting things: for example, there are spectacular films on the roof of the street and wonderful music.

After the sightseeing, the young men went back to the hotel and dressed in beautiful, elegant clothes. Down below the hotel, a wonderful Black Limousine waited for them. That was when the limousine car came in. The car not only glittered from the outside, but also from the inside, and even picked up children’s dumbbells in the car’s bar. The driver was very nice and took them to several places where they stopped to take a photo. The most beautiful pictures are made before the Circus Circus and at Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas table. Then the biggest show came because they managed to get tickets for David Copperfield’s magic show. Wonderful lights, awesome atmosphere in the hall. The biggest surprise for the three friends when the magician invited them to the stage. The auditorium was darkened when only the sound of the speakers sounded: Abracadabra! Abracadol! At this moment, the friends disappeared and spooked them to the Stratosphere Tower and realized when they were hanging upside down from the tower with only one rope. What an absolute magic Las Vegas! Lillian said screaming, whose voice came out of scratch.

Again! Again! Again! Steven snapped.

What magic adventure was this day! “said Lillian “Will we still come here once, my dear friends?” asked Steven eagerly, and the girls said.

YES!! The girls said.


  • Can you draw the letter friends you too?

Check it out, click on the link below and see how much fun you find on it!

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