The Three Letter Friends adventure of the Venetian carnival

Velencei karnevál

This tale can read in spanish: Cuentos de Letras blog, and hungarian also: Betű Mese blog

In the sky the sunset was just downhill when the city of Venice came to life. In the carnival swirling, everybody dressed in beautiful costumes swept through the streets. In St. Mark’s Square, dance music accompanied by loud music was started.

Arthur, however, could not celebrate himself because he was very scared. She had danced with her friends, Cynthia and Oscar, before, but the big drifting swept away the three friends from each other.
Cynthia had only noticed for a moment that she was standing at a Pizzeria, but her friends disappeared like camphor.

“As long as these gizzards come up, I order a Margarita pizza,” he thought, and sat down on a restaurant’s terrace. In the marvelous cavalcade, colored masked people were lurking in front of him, but he did not see his friends among them.

Then his phone rang. Hello, I’m Arthur, where are you Cynthia? Here we are at the Bridge of Sighs, we want to think we want to cruise a little bit. With Oscar, we could not imagine where you were going. Are you here to come to us? Do not pick up your mask, because we will not recognize you in this big disturbance! But when he said that, his phone fell from his hand and dropped into the lagoon at that moment. Oh, oh! What happened boys? asked Cynthia, who had just begun to finch pizza and melted cheese at the edge of his mouth. “Maybe it didn’t get in the water?” She nodded aloud, so that the people on the patio all looked up. “Sorry”, Cynthia said to those sitting there and then he said into the phone:
Hello, Hello!  Can you hear me, guys? But there was no answer. The line was silenced. Hearing, Cynthia heard again and again.

What do we do now? How do we find Cynthia? Oscar asked.
How do we get your phone out of the lagoon!? What shall we do!?
Do not cry Arthur! We’ll figure out something, Oscar said. Thought there was a man at their back.

Bona Sera! Hello youngsters, can I help you? Yes Yes! Are you be able to dump my phone from the lagoon, please? “He pleaded with Arthur. Thinking with his long stick was so cleverly in the water that he could lift the phone with the shovel. Thank you very much! Shouted Oscar and Arthur as loud as they could, for the carnival rotting had gone to the roof. Fortunately, it’s waterproof, said Arthur. You just have to wipe it off.

At that moment the device was ringing. “Hello guys!” Cynthia said into the phone, where are you? Here we are … but when he said that, Cynthia was standing behind them. Guys! I went to the Bridge of Sighs because I thought something was wrong. I even left my finely melted Margarita pizza on the plate. But the point is, we are together.

The three letter friends threw themselves in the marvelous Venetian masks and danced at Saint Mark’s Square till dawn.


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