An Adventure in Rio

This tale can read in spanish: Cuentos de Letras blog, and hungarian also: Betű Mese blog

R – Rebecca

I – Irene

O – Ora

The sun was wonderful! In the blue sky the clouds were almost danced.

“Go to Rio de Janeiro!” When Rebecca saw one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Sugar Glass Rock and Corcovado’s top of the famous statue of Christ.
“Wow, that’s amazing!” said Irene.

“Do we make a selfie? I want to take a beach in Copacabana and the other beautiful beaches. I just bought my new bathing suit I want to sunbathe on the white sandy beach!”

Take a look at what the travel guide writes! Here is the world’s largest urban rainforest – where monkeys are bounced and there are other exotic animals.

“Good. good, but I’m waiting for the evening” Ora said. “We still have to wear some costume, we can not go in street clothes for the world’s most famous carnival.”

After many strolls and photos, the three girlfriends drank well in a local restaurant where they tasted the seafood.
What a bowl of shells they brought to me! I can’t eat it! Anyway, I have to look after my body, I’m not going to fit into my dress in the evening.

“Come on!”  said Rebecca. “These meals don’t fat!”

“Oh sure! Look, I just asked pineapple and coconut! I only eat fruit!” laughed Irene.

Rebecca had already eaten his cocktail of shrimp when he started reading the travel guide on his phone. Now I read girls! This holiday was brought in by the Portuguese in the 1700s. Their famous dance is the Samba, which arrived to Rio in the 1920’s. The Rio Carnival is the most spectacular carnival entertainment in the world, attracting millions of tourists annually and taking part in a fantastic experience. The main attraction is to admire a 2 km long road where the best Samba schools are competing in glittering costumes and stunning dances.

“Ora! Look at this picture!”

“Wow! Imagine girls! Nearly 200 schools compete with each other! “  They say, “The parade ends with the dancing of the winning samba schools and a firework closes the great cavalcade! Let’s hurry up because it’s already over and we need to pick up our clothes at the hotel! Then head for the famous Rio Carnival” said Ora.

It was evening! The stars glittered in the sky! The fantastic music sounded loud, the Samba schools walked on the promenade, endlessly snapping in the crowd, when the three girls got involved in the march. But what happened in an unexpected moment?
One of the samba dancers drew the nose from the dancers to the carriage, and in a minute Rebecca and Irene found herself among the performers of one of the most famous samba dance schools.
They were just jumping to the jury when they heard someone talking in the microphone in the middle of the huge ovation of spectators.
“The winner of the Samba Race in 2018 is the samba group dancing on the number 154 truck!”
“Ora! Irene!” said screaming Rebecca “You saw the number! This is our car! We are winners! YAY!!” shouted Ora “We won the competition!” Irene sighed. “This is a lifelong memory for all of us!
Do we enroll in a samba dance school at home?”

They laughed and danced to the top of the truck until morning.



  • Can you draw the three letter girl you too?


  • Check it out, click on the videos below and see how much fun you find on it!

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