The amazing adventure in Santa Cruz De Tenerife

This tale can read in spanish: Cuentos de Letras blog, and hungarian also: Betű Mese blog

S Sarah

C Claudio

T Tom

“Did you take a taxi?” -Sarah asked
“Why were not you trusted in this?” asked Claudio’s sister, wide-eyed Sarah
“Don’t tell me nobody’s coming for us when we’re here with 3 big buffers with a large suitcase!” Tom hit one of the corners
“Can we wait for good luck then?” -said Claudio
“What do you panic? I’ve already found an application and I can call a car from my phone right away” -Sarah said with a sigh
“It’s good that we have a sister who knows everything.” The boys cried at once.

At that moment rolled a taxi in front of them and the young man packed the parcels back into the luggage.
“Buenas tardes!” -he said in Spanish, “a dónde os transporto?” -asked the driver
“Costa Adeje Palace” – Sarah showed up on her phone

After a little drive, the three brothers planned in the hotel room for the afternoon, because they had plenty of time remaining for the evening carnival.

“What if we go out to the Loro Park!” -Tom offered

“I know better! What if we go to the Teide cable car” -Sarah said
“This is a good idea! We vote it?” -asked Claudio
“Let’s find the Teide Cable Car website and order a ticket!” -Sarah offered

Luckily, they could rent a car next to the ticket and after a short trip they found themselves in front of the cable car.

“Loyal but tall!” -Tom wondered
Exactly 3718m. The volcano and its surroundings are part of the Teide National Park (Parque Nacional del Teide). Since 2007, it has been part of the World Heritage Site. This area covered 18,900 hectares, read Claudio from his phone.
“Will it erupt?” -Tom hesitated
“NO” -said Sarah, “it’s last eruption was in 1909, still active volcano but is now sleeping!” Sarah laughed
“Good, sleep you little volcano!” -murmured Tom.
“Here is the lift! Get in!” – invites his brothers Claudio

“What a wonderful sight!” -said Claudio, “What a landscape!” -Sarah said
“What is this?” -Tom asked with anxiousness when a big squeak sounded and the cabin leaped between heaven and earth.
“Look, the other cabin doesn’t move too!” -said Claudio, already crying.
“Don’t panic!” -Sarah said calmly.
Everyone looked at what was happening right now. Because they just left the base so they were not so terribly high.
From below, the operators of the elevator waved the people trapped in the booth to calm down!
“They must be able to start our elevator again soon” -said Sarah. He encouraged himself and the brothers.
“Let’s hope we can go through the second largest carnival in the world!” Sarah’s mouth was crying.

Unfortunately, that’s almost what happened. Down at the shore were the lights and the parade had begun when the passengers were evacuated.
The brothers were lucky enough to have taken them all the way to the hotel when they finally managed to escape the cargo capture.

“I do not feel like hiding in costume!” -Tom said
“Come on! Take it positively. We managed to get down on time! Now, let’s get down there and parade!” -said Sarah
“You’re right sister. Let’s go to the carnival! Forget this bad experience!” Claudio walked over to his brother.
Huge parade, dancing, samba welcomed the brothers down the street!

“Look!” cried Tom, “Fireworks!” -He screamed
“Didn’t they just shoot them from the Teide?” -Sarah said
“So this little “disruption” for a lifetime will be a great experience for all of us!” -Tom said laughing
“Incident” -repeated Claudio

The fanciful fireworks, dance, cavalry, and dawn parties have taken away this little story with them, but to date, when someone says that “disruption” all three remember the adventure in the Teide!


  • Can you draw the three letter friends you too?
  • Check it out, click on the videos below and see how much fun you find on it!

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