Where is this Vinaros?

This tale can read in spanish: Cuentos de Letras blog, and hungarian also: Betű Mese blog

V – Victoria

I – Ida

N – Nelson

Washington Dulles International Airport at 4:00 pm

Did you find the tickets? asked Victoria.

Of course! Here it is, in my suitcase, said Nelson.

But I didn’t bring my swimming pants, how I’m going to swim in the sea? asked Nelson sadly.

What? Do you want to swim in the ocean in wintertime? Ida said. This is not the Caribbean Sea, we are going to Spain and the Winter Carnival.

But I though it’s warm there in Spain! said Nelson.

Did you hunt on the map where are we going to travel? asked Victoria

I was looking for it, but I thought it was a warm place! Nelson

Look here is the map on iPad, I opened it for you!

Victoria! Did you put the sandwiches for the trip? – asked Ida with appetite.

Oh C’mon Ida! There is plenty of food to choose from in the aircraft, said Victoria.

Attention!! United Airlines aircraft from the Washington Dulles International Airport to Barcelona El Prat airport will departure in 1 hour, please start the boarding!

Look! Ida yelled, there is our plane!

Oh yes! The stewardess already stands at the counter! said Nelson. Quickly, grab your suitcases and your tickets and let’s go! said Victoria.

Our dear passengers, just sit back and enjoy the flight! – the pilot’s voice heard

Please take safety belts! – said the stewardess.

Did you get a pillow? Nelson asked.

I got blue, still good, because that’s my favorite color! he laughed.

Mine is pink and has a heart on it!  pointed Victoria to her pillow.

Why don’t we sit back and enjoy our 8 hour flight? asked Ida.

Ok, but first, I watch a movie in my iPad, said Nelson.

“Goodbye,” Nelson said to the woman next to her.

When does Renfe start? she picked up the suitcase from the luggage box, when the lady reached for her luggage! Adios amigos! (Goodbye, my friends!)

Hurry up my friends, because I think half an hour and our train starts to Vinaros! “Ida puts the tickets out of his handbags quickly. After a few hours in the train, in Vinaros, the beatiful sunset welcomed them to Vinaros.

Loyal but beautiful beach! Look how wonderful the waves there are! We look at the water, how cold is it?

Gee! It’s so cold, so I’m not going to swim here, it’s not Miami. “Nelson snapped into the water with her hand.

C’Mon Nelson, stop the swimming and look here! We comed to the famous Vinaros carnival. Imagine, on the city website I read that kids have a queens ceremony on the carnival! “Ida replied

Wow, we’ll look at it too. The evening procession will be wonderful as well, and I’m very curious about it, “said Victoria, after making a selfie of the friendly company. I’ve already sent the picture to my mom, she’ll be happy to see her.

My dad wrote in chat to give us a life sign, “Nelson said

I will then send a lot of photos on the march so that our family can be part of our experience!

At the hotel, they began to break their costume when Nelson exclaimed, “Who packed ski clothes in my suitcase?” he asked with a staring eye.

What? Skiclothes? Will this be your costume on the carnival? Ida tried to take the story funny.

Oh my God! You replaced your suitcase with that Spanish lady to your carnival suitcase!? Victoria screamed from her tear.

Will the lady ski in my carnival costume? Nelson gasped, and he was already laughing at his belly.

What was it to do, Nelson took on ski clothes as a costume for the carnival?

Huge hangouts, lights, music, crowds, this welcomed young people in the evening program.

I cannot hear anything you say-shouted Victoria. Tell me in my ear, because the noise is so loud!

Look at it. What a beautiful dress she has for the girl up the car! shouted Nelson.

I’ve done so many photos that my gallery is almost full in my phone. He sent the pictures from his phone Ida

Let’s make a video because I did not even think that in such a small town in Spain, they could organize such great, wonderful carnivals! shouted Victoria

I think I’m supposed to put it on facebook because everyone has to see it!

Oh, but don’t shoot a photo of me in this ski down jacket! “Screamed Nelson.

At the dawn festival, a lot of photographs were made by three friends and they were very pleased that on facebook the next day nearly one hundred men liked the photos.

I think it was a good decision that go so far away from America, “he said back from the Barcelona airport Ida.

Look, there’s the Spanish lady with Nelson’s suitcase. Let’s get to him and try to tell him that is my suitcase.

Hola, señora! (Hello lady!)

Esta es mi maleta (This is my suitcase)

The lady was fortunate enough to understand what the kids wanted from him and they replaced the suitcases with a loud laugh.

When we get home to Washington, I want to plan the next trip! Do you join me? Ida asked

Of course! Let’s say it all! The world needs to be seen! cried the friends at one time.

How will we decide where to travel? asked Ida?

Where, where we go to the map! said Victoria

I would miss the suitcase replacement next time, “Nelson said


  • Can you draw the three letter friends you too?
  • Check it out, click on the videos below and see how much fun you find on it!


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