Valentine’s Day Disturbance in the Buckingham Palace

This tale can read in spanish: Cuentos de Letras blog, and hungarian also: Betű Mese blog

D – Daniela-Mom

G – Gary-Dad

L – Laura-Daughter

Laura’s mother Daniela, just in the kitchen, packed the plates in the dishwasher when the bell ringed. Gary! Honey! Would you open the door?

I’m washing just now, I can’t go! – said Gary.

Stay! I open it now! Laura runs down the stairs as fast as she could.

Laura! said the postman, when she opened the door. Are your parents at home? They have to sign this letter because they have arrived as a recommended item.

Dad! Come here quickly! she called Laura.

What’s in the letter, let’s break it out! the little girl jumped and almost tore the shipment from her father’s hand.

Wait my little princess! You should first take my glasses and sit down in the living room in peace. I’ll get it! Daniela said, because she just finished puting the dishes into the dishwasher. Let’s read it Gary, because I’m very curious too! she said to her husband Daniela.

Gary pulled out the envelope and cried out. Check out 3 entry tickets to the Royal Palace in London! They say that on the occasion of Valentine’s day they open the palace and since Laura won the Valentine’s Day royal drawing contest, she has received a family ticket as a gift. Buckingham Palace! My God! I can’t believe it! Laura laughed. In the evening, the Queen will bet! reads the invitation Gary.

I almost faint, screamed Daniela, I won it, I won! Laura jumped around the house.

We have to book a travel. Check out my girl when the closest airplane goes from Dublin to London! Do not miss this fantastic gift! said Gary

I will pack the suitcases! the mother walked up the stairs. Take the boarding passes and of course we will also need a transfer from the airport to the hotel. Oh God, hotel should be booked!

The family was in London before the dazzlingly whitewashed hotel near Hyde Park, and the suitcases were taken out of the taxi.

I can never process how the walls of houses can be so beautiful in this misty and rainy city. asked Daniela. I think they paint the walls all over again. Her husband shouted.

We never booked a trip like this so fast. Daniela laughed as they entered the hotel.

Laura! My little girl! – could you please ask on the phone if they have a flatiron? But we cannot go to visit the Queen in a wrinkled dress. My suit is immaculate! Dad threw on his jacket.

I’m really excited about London sights! sighing the mother while flatiring. I’ll read you mother now. I just found it on Wikipedia! said Laura.

There are several World Heritage sites in London, I rank you from the website:

“Greenwich, its sights are due to its astronomical observatory and the fact that the” greenwich meridional “is the crossroads, which is the traditional base for calculating the time zone and geographical longitude

  • Westminster Palace
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Tower of London
  • London Eye
  • Tower Bridge
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Royal Botanic Garden
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Trafalgar Square
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Wembley Stadium
  • British Museum
  • National Gallery

and the London Underground is the oldest underground in the world. Laura told the family.

How many beautiful sights! How are we doing to travel this in 1 day? asked Daniela.

I found an application to book a ticket tomorrow on the Hopp On-Hopp Of bus, so we can travel around the city! father said.

Let’s dress up my girl because we’re late. – said Daniela puting up his shoes.

You are so beautiful, girls! said Gary, when he saw his wife and daughter who were seeing themselves in the mirror.

Oh, Thank You honey! A real gentleman is my father! Laura laughed and cupped a kiss on the forehead of her father.

Hurry up, because the car is here for us!

In Buckingham Palace, a nice tour guide waited for the visiting group.

Please listen, really. Nobody should stay out of the group because after the visit the security guard closes the doors of the room immediately when we come out of a room!

Gary! Did you hear what they said? Do not shoot so much photos because I don’t wanna lose you again like last time!  warning her husband Daniela.

Laura and her mother went to the front of the team to hear better  the voice of the tour guide.

The guided tour is over! I hope you felt good! Goodbye! The Valentine’s Day betting will be in the Great Hall, I’ll be there for you!

Laura! Daniela asked, where is your father? What? Dad disappeared? Laura’s mouth curled. We told him not to stay away from us because they shut the doors after the tour!

We will lose the bet! Laura continued to cry.

At this moment the door opened and the Queen and Gary appeared in the door.

Great lady! she made a huge bend to the Queen. Gary, Daniela shouted, and then he bowed.

My dear, imagine the door of a hallway closed before me, because my camera was down and I was lazy. Queen Elizabeth II came to the point when I just wanted to call you to save me somewhere.

Dear ones! Will they go to the ballroom? asked Queen Elizabeth

To the great admiration of the guests, the Irish family entered the reception with the Queen, kicking off all official protocols.

The bigger surprise was when they announced the winner of the drawing tournament before the showers.

Winner of the Royal Valentin Day International Drawing Contest of 2018 is: Laura! From Ireland! Said the main patron of the event!

Queen Elizabeth handed the gift to the winner and whispered to the little girl in her ear.

This emerald ring I received from my husband as a gift for a Valentine’s Day! Keep it forever! the Queen said to her.

Laura could not even come to her from the huge surprise and she could only rebound: “Thank you very much!” I keep it forever!

The betting and the ball continued until dawn where Daniela and Laura danced with Gary all night.

The next day they traveled through London and were impressed with this wonderful city.

Laura had almost never wanted to get the emerald ring out of her finger and vowed she would remember the Queen and her wonderful Valentine’s Day all through her life.


  • Can you draw the letter family you too?
  • Can you find London on the map?
  • London – google maps
  • Check it out, click on the link below and see how much fun you find on it!

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