Mouse adventure in Disneyland

This tale can read in spanish: Cuentos de Letras blog, and hungarian also: Betű Mese blog

P Peter
A Alice
I Isabel

“Wow!” – Peter hesitated.

“This is fantastic!” – Alice snarled from her breasts.

“Wonderful!” – said Isabel.
“Come! Look! It’s good that we bought the tickets online, now we don’t have to queue at the gate!” “That was a good idea.”

“WOW! There are so many children! They all want to get into DisneyLand.”
“What to look for first?” – Peter asked.

“Everything!” – She dumped in the air Isabel and another man made a seat on herself as she entered the park gate.

“Cheese! Smile because I already ‘gonna put it on Instagram.”

The brothers decided they would like to sit up and try as many attractions as possible.

“How good it is to have our priority ticket, otherwise we could stand here in this huge snake line all the day” – she pointed to the huge crowd Isabel.
“How adventurous is this roller coaster! The rocks and cactuses look like real things!” – said Peter. “Alice! Aren’t you afraid of heights?” – he asked to worried Isabel.

“I do not mind!” the little girl came into the roller coaster.

“We’ll see you at the end!” – said Peter.

The seat belts are switched on and the car is also accelerated.

“I’m not afraid!” Alice snapped her throat away.
“Hold on!” she pressed her hand to Isabel.

“It’s terribly good-looking!” – Peter shouted.
“My brothers!” – said Isabel, when they finally got out of the roller coaster. “This was an incredible and unforgettable experience!”

“Unforgettable!” Sat down to the first bench, Alice. When I’m gonna stop doing circles.
“Let’s go and see the Palace! Isabel there surely will meet with Disney characters.”




“Pluto!” – shouted Alice, and she had seemed to forget the rollercoaster adventure.
“There’s Mickey’s Mouse! Let’s make it a common group picture!” – Isabel said.

At that moment, however, three tales of figurine surrounded, Alice and with a handy gesture, they tied their eyes with a shawl.
“What’s happening? Help?” she tried to put the silk scarf out of his eyes.
“Come with us, we lead you!” They took her hand to the little girl and were navigated by the fairy tales on the road.
“Peter! What’s happening? Tell me something!” – the girl said.
“We are here! You just let Pluto and other figures of the Disney family drive you! We do not know where they are going.” – the brothers laughed.

After a short walk, Alice heard a wonderful music from the neighborhood and stood there somewhere.
“Where we are? Can I remove that shawl?” she tried to find out the secret Alice.
“Surprise!” – heard from all over!

At this moment, Mickey Mouse had put on the shawl that had covered Alice’s eyes and had already been danced with him. At that time, she saw the girl being in a beautiful mansion with their parents and friends standing there and a giant Mini Mouse balloon in the middle of the room.

“Happy Birthday!” Sang the ones who appeared. “We wish you a happy birthday!” – the guests said at one time.
“Thank you very much!” Alice cried of the surprise. She could barely tear her tears so impressed.

“This birthday gift surprise came from mother and father!” – Peter said, and gave a cheeky kiss to his sister’s face.
“Fantastic! Thank you very much for everyone who came to celebrate with me my birthday in Disney Land!”
“Come on, let’s dance with Mickey Mouse Alice! This is a mouse adventure!” – Peter exclaimed.
“When do we start the cake?” – asked Isabel, for she was very much tempted by the enormous cake representing the Mickey mouse figure in the middle of the room.
“Come on, Alice, start the cake, because everyone is waiting for you!” – Peter called Alice to the middle of the room with Isabel.
“Make a group photo to capture this fantastic day!” – Peter invited the congregation.
“Cheese! They said at once.” – said the photographer.
“Can I see the photo?” – asked Alice.

“Of course” – the photographer said, and he already showed the picture.
“What is that? Mickey Mouse is in the picture and there is only a big big ear!” – the kids said. “How are we gonna put it to Facebook?”
“Good fast!” – said the photographer and the picture was already on the web.
“This is really a mouse adventure!!!” – the kids shouted.


  • Can you draw the letter family you too?




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