Buy an EXPERIENCE! – India

Become a part of this fantastic fantasy world game!

Drawing competition for children, children groups!
Dear children! Do you like to draw up the adventures of the characters and participate in creating a common web-story?
Be a part of a worldwide game!
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This tale can read in spanish: Cuentos de Letras blog, and hungarian also: Betű Mese blog




-Did you see? Ben asked his friends -Yes! Yes! We won some money on the EURO Lottery! Hooray! Jade jerked with joy -What do we do with this money? I suggest you buy an experience! Ivan said -Experience? I wanted to have a party in our house! she replied to her friend Ben. – Buy an experience! the little girl likewise. -I have an idea! Let’s go to Sri Lanka! – rejoiced Ivan -Very good idea! I look at my ticket reservation! I know a very good website! -Jade -I am already in the order! 3 people! Ready! You are already sending an e-mail about your reservation! the little girl said. – I’ll get the confirmation from the printer! Here it is! This trip will be great! 3 flight ticket to New Delhi! What? New Delhi?

Delhi – wikipedia

Where did you buy your ticket, my friend? Ivan wondered -New Delhi is in India, and not in Sri Lanka. the French boy said. -Oh, I’ve looked at this, but the experience is the experience! Then we will go to India from Marseille and then go to Sri Lanka. There will be plenty of experience there too! Jade snapped

Hey, but it’s hot is here. They all said at once when they jumped out of the plane But we’ve finally found our hotel! Now, for the first time, let’s talk about what to see in this beautiful city! he packed his suitcase, Ivan -I look at the Ipad what I recommend! she looked at his tablet Ben – Look, Indian dancing.

-I want to see the most beautiful and most famous building! Jade exclaimed

This is the Taj Mahal! Look! be sure to find out how to get there! “the little girl said

I found street vendors on YouTube! Do we look it in live as well? I want to taste everything! he grinned.

The friends looked at everything they had planned in New Delhi and were happy to sit in the lobby of their hotel. “Dear friends, we have collected a lot of experience in the past 3 days in our hearts and souls, which will last for a lifetime! Ben looked at the photos taken on his phone. -We can now find flight tickets to Sri Lanka! “Ivan said – How good is I accidentally bought a ticket here. Jade snapped. -What do you think? Do we continue to travel around the world with my friends? “said Ben -Yes! Yes! Let’s go on together to get some experience, of course, if you have one of our prizes! Jade and Ivan came together.


  • Can you draw the letter friends you too?

Check it out, click on the link below and see how much fun you find on it!

India – wikipedia

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