The Lisbon Adventure

Once upon a time, there were two dogs called Maddie and Slush. They were boyfriend and girlfriend, and they had been together for two years now, and they both liked to travel around the world. They had traveled to many, many places, for example: London, New York, Dubai, Sydney, Marrakech, Sao Paulo, and many more…

They haven´t traveled to many places in Europe, but they figured that they would go to Lisbon, Portugal next. The loving pair made their suitcases and traveled to Lisbon! When they arrived, the weather was incredible. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and everything was good. But when they got out of the airport and waited for their taxi, a huge rainfall waited for them outside.

They got in the taxi quickly and got to their hotel. Since they didn´t know any Portuguese, they needed to buy a Portuguese guide. Thankfully, the taxi driver offered them a Portuguese book he knew helped a lot of tourists who didn´t know Portuguese. When they got to the hotel, the sun was shining again, but there was a lot of wind. They really had no idea why there was weather like this, but they didn´t really care much about the weather.

When they got into the hotel, they checked in and when they got up into their room on the 5th floor and when they entered their room, what they saw was unbelievable! ”This is absolutely insane!” cried out Maddie when she saw the room. They saw that there was a king-sized bed, a TV with glass protection on the outside, a jacuzzi/bathtub in the bathroom. They immediately jumped onto the bed and tried it out.

But they didn’t waste too much time, because there was a whole city for them to explore! They unpacked their suitcases in the room and called a taxi to go to the Parque das Nacoes which was originally built for the 1998 Expo. “I really like these landmarks, they are so beautiful” said Maddie. “Yeah, see that Maddie, that´s the Altice Arena, that´s were the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest was held.” said Slush. “Yeah, I remember watching that!”

They also went up to the Vasco Da Gama tower and went with the cable car with which they saw the whole Parque Das Nacoes, including the two bridges called “Ponte Vasco da Gama” and the “25 de Abril” bridge. Eventually, the rain fell and it was time for dinner. They had dinner and then they went back into the hotel. “This day was really fun, apart from the time it was raining of course.” said Maddie as she was falling asleep. “Good night love.” said Slush to Maddie as he kissed her goodnight.

The next day, they woke up to a beautiful sunshine into the room. They had breakfast and then went to visit the SL Benfica football stadium the Estadio Da Luz. “I really like this football club and visiting their stadium is a great feeling” said Slush. When they reached the stadium, they took a tour of the stadium and then a tour off the club´s museum.

After visiting the stadium, they decided to go to the Lisbon Cathedral and then the Parque Eduardo VII. When at the park, Maddie and Slush were going down the hill, but once they got to the bottom of the hill, Slush suddenly kneed down and said “Maddie, I love you so much, and ever since I met you, I wanted to say these words. Will you marry me?” Maddie was happy crying and she truly had no words. “Slush, ye.. YES!!” shouted Maddie.

Slush was really happy and she kissed Maddie and they went to the hotel´s spa and swimming pool. The next day, they packed their bags and set off to the airport. When they boarded the plane and went home, they went home as a happy, new, soon-to-be-married couple.


Written by: Gergo

Illustrated by: Gergo

Photos: My dad

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