Camping in Lanzarote

Once upon a time there were two brothers named Slush and Whiskers. They lived in Lanzarote since their birth and they really wanted to explore the island when they were kids, but their parents forbid them to do so. So, when they turned 18, they decided to travel around the island of Lanzarote, and explore the mountains, and explore the wilderness.

So, one day, they packed their bags, and set off to explore. They climbed mountains, they visited national parks, they did everything, except for one thing; they didn’t go CAMPING! The one thing the really wanted to do, they forgot! They didn’t have camping equipment, and they didn’t want to rent bungalows. When they were giving up already on camping, they saw a local camping shop.

They entered, and there was everything needed for an ideal camping day or night. So they bought the things they needed with their money and set off to camp. After finding an ideal place to camp near a big mountain, they put their things and started searching for wood to start a campfire. Whiskers went to search wood, since he was the only one from the two of them that had an official camping badge for searching wood. But when he started recollecting the wood, he was pinched by a mosquito.

He suddenly started feeling dizzy and when he got back to Slush with the wood, he fainted! He didn´t know what happened until he woke up. Slush explained to his brother that it was a tiger-mosquito that pinched him, but he created an antidote from a flower and that saved his life and cured him.

When they tried to set up their tent, they failed several times, but in the end they set it up, and finally had a place to sleep in. It was getting darker and darker, and they were really hungry. So they got a few wood sticks and put the marshmallows on top of the sticks and roasted them. While Slush looked at the stars, he didn’t notice that his marshmallow was burning!

He quickly got it away from the fire, but his marshmallow completely burned. He started a new one and finally got to eat that. When they were tired, they went to sleep but forgot to turn off their fire. At first, they couldn´t sleep because there were a lot off flies and mosquitos and they tried to scare them away. The, they were started to hear frogs coming their way and they got scared.

Then, a huge wind came that blew a few of their things away and they needed to run after them. After they got some of their things back, they got back to the campsite, they saw that a fox was eating all of their marshmallows! Everyone shouted at the same time, and the fox eventually ran away with the bag of marshmallows.

Slush tried to run after him, but the fox was just too fast. Now they were without food, almost half of their things got blown away by the wind, their lantern ran out of fuel, and everything was going horribly. Later, when they reorganized the place, the fox got back with the bag of marshmallows, and eventually handed it back to them. “Thank you fox, what is your name?” asked Whiskers. “My name is Rozsdi.” answered the little fox. “I just got scared and ran away with your bag of marshmallows, but I knew that was a bad thing to do.” said the fox.

“How about you stay with us?” Slush asked from the fox. “Ok” answered the fox. Rozsdi, Slush, and Whiskers eventually went to sleep and slept out their tiredness. The next morning, the fox and the brothers parted ways, and the dogs packed their bags and their things and went back to their home. “Next time, we should go to a normal camping site, and not camp in the wild.” said Slush laughing and it was an incredible experience for them.


Written by: Gergo

Illustrations by: Gergo

Photos by: My dad

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