How is coffee made?

Once upon a time, there was a bird called Paco. He was Colombian and he loved to drink coffee, especially the Nespresso Colombian coffee which was his absolute favorite. Whenever he drank coffee, he always wondered how that very delicious coffee is made.

He was so much into coffee, that he always looked the Nespresso website if they were announcing a new coffee type, and whenever he went into the store to buy food and other things, he always went to the coffee aisle and bought a lot of coffee. The cashiers at his local store always saw Paco with that coffee and they called him the “Coffee Lover” or the “Coffee Maniac.”

One day, when he checked the news, he saw that Nespresso announced that they will do a competition and whoever won that competition, would get to meet George Clooney, the Nespresso ambassador and would get to see how the traditional and local coffees from each country are made! Paco saw this opportunity and signed up for the competition.

On the day of the competition, there were a lot of people and there were a lot of coffee making stands. Paco went to register himself into the contest, but when he realized that the contest was for to see who made the best coffee, it was too late.

Paco didn’t know how to make coffee! He only put the capsule into the machine and it made the coffee. He had no idea and when he saw that the other competitors came very prepared, he was really lost. When the announcer came onto the stage, he explained everything that the contestants needed to do for the challenge and when the announcer said that George Clooney would be trying out their coffees, Paco almost fainted!

Poor Paco didn’t know anything, so he instead decided to just wing it. The announcer started the contest with a gunshot and the competition began! There were a lot of ingredients, and there was raw coffee which they needed to roast. There were extra ingredients like aromas, cinnamon, even ice cream which they could add into their coffees.

Paco roasted the coffee even though he didn’t know how to, but he did his best. He roasted the coffee, made milk foam, added aromas, he did what he could. When the announcer stopped the contest, he Paco was exhausted.

After the contestants, including Paco, came to a counter on which they put their coffees on and stood behind it, George Clooney went and tasted the coffees. When he got to Paco, he saw that he was nervous. After he tasted the coffee, Clooney asked if that was the first time him making coffee from scratch.

Paco nervously said yes, and Clooney continued on. After Clooney tasted the coffees, he consulted with the announcer and they were ready to announce the winner. Paco was very, very nervous and he was prepared for anything. The announcer turned on his microphone and said:

“Ladies and gentleman, this was a very exciting contest, and now we can announce the winner of this competition. The winner is…


Paco couldn’t believe what he heard! He was so happy, and Clooney said to him what made his coffee the best. “Your coffee had aromas, a lot of flavor, and it was delicious!” “Thank you so much” said Paco.

Clooney even said that they should make an official Nespresso coffee out of that, which they did! A few days after he won, he went to the lands on which Nespresso, Clooney, and him agreed to meet; and the people of Nespresso, Clooney, and the farmers explained the things that he needed to know about how they made those coffees.

Those two days were Paco’s absolute best and he never forgot them and his coffee became legendary. Not bad for someone’s first official try on making coffee from nothing.


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