The lost reindeer!

Once upon a time there was a reindeer named Rudolph. Rudolph was well known at the North Pole because he did not have the usual reindeer nose, but a huge red nose! He communicated with Santa with his nose, making him the most important reindeer. However, on Christmas Day in 2020, no one found Rudolph!

Mr. Santa Claus, Mrs. Santa Claus and the village elves searched for Rudolph, but they couldn’t find him anywhere! Mr. Santa knew that if the reindeer didn’t show up, there would be no Christmas that year because Rudolph was the most important reindeer and they couldn’t go without him. No one knew where he was hiding and everyone had already given up on having Christmas in 2020. However, Mr. Santa did not give up, but even walked all over the North Pole to see if he could find Rudolph.

There were only a few hours until Christmas and Mr. Santa was very, very sad that he had not found Rudolph. Mr. Santa decided to go back to his town and leave with the 7 reindeer that he had left and try to bring the gifts to the children. Santa Claus had a hard time taking off with the 7 remaining reindeer in the sky and trying to bring happiness to the children.

However, Santa Claus had a lot of difficulty flying with the 7 reindeer because Rudolph was missing. When he had traveled half the world, he suddenly came to Spain. Then, a miracle happened! Santa Claus saw Rudolph crying under a palm tree. Mr. Santa asked the reindeer to land immediately on the ground. Santa landed where Rudolph was and asked him why he had flown so far on Christmas Day. “Why did you leave your colleagues and friends there without saying a word?” – asked Santa Claus

Rudolph was very sad, but he told Mr. Santa that he had run away so far because his father and mother were getting divorced. Santa understood the enormous pain of the poor reindeer, but they argued that it was not possible to hide from the problems, but to always discuss them. There are colleagues and friends to help each other in all problems! The reindeer wiped the tears from his face and finally understood and swore that he would never run away again. Rudolf returned to the sleigh and also apologized to the other reindeers.

The reindeers accepted Rudolph’s apology and they all set out to take the gifts to the rest of the world, so that when the children got up in the morning, they would all have lots of presents.

The End

The story and the drawings were made by: Gergo Gajdos

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