Trapped in a castle

Once upon a time, there were three friends named Tracey, Pippie, and Mandy. They always wanted to go to Ibiza because they liked it a lot and in summer it was very hot. Mandy was looking forward to going with her boyfriend, but he had a lot of work to do during the summer so they couldn’t go. But in July, Mandy had her birthday and her friends decided to surprise her.

Mandy’s birthday came, and she was very, very excited. All her friends came to her party and they all brought many gifts. Many of the gifts were jewelry, chocolates, and birthday letters. But, the big moment came when Pippie and Tracey gave him a letter that contained a plane ticket for the three of them to Ibiza!

Mandy was very, very happy and grateful to her friends. The next day, the three of them packed their bags and arrived at London Standsted airport to go to Ibiza. When they arrived in Ibiza, they didn’t believe they were in Ibiza. “This is something incredible! Thank you very much girls! ” Mandy said almost crying with joy. They took a taxi to go to the port of Ibiza and when they arrived at the port, they got on a ferry that took them to Formentera, a smaller island next to Ibiza.

They arrived in Formentera and rented a Fiat 500 to go to their hotel. When they arrived at the hotel, they were impressed with the modern architecture of the hotel. “That is really modern!” Tracey said. “You don’t see this kind of modern architecture with hotels a lot in London.” Pippie said. They came to their room, which was a suite with a beautiful view of the sea.

Mandy again began to cry with joy and thanked the girls who gave them this very cool gift. The next day, the girls went to the beach and also went scuba diving. After lunch, they went to the island of Ibiza with the ferry to visit the city. On the ferry they decided to go to the castle of Eivissa, the “capital” of Ibiza and bought tickets to enter and visit the castle.

Upon arrival, they took a taxi and went to the castle. When they arrived, it started to rain and they had to go into shelter inside the castle. The rain lasted for about 30 minutes and when they tried to get out of one of the castle rooms where there was nothing but darkness, they couldn’t get out because they had been trapped!!

They called and yelled for help, but no one heard them. They were already desperate and again they screamed for help, and this time, someone did hear them. He was a boy, his name was Duke and he was one of the visitors to the castle when he heard the girls screaming for help. Duke tried to break the lock, but failed.

Then, Tracey remembered that she had a clamp for his hair and gave it to Duke to try to open the lock. And he got it! He unlocked the lock and opened the door and then the girls were able to leave the castle. Tracey and the girls were very grateful to Duke for saving them.

On the last day of the trip, the girls went to the pool of their hotel in Formentera and enjoyed the last hours in Ibiza and Formentera, when they arrived at the airport, Tracey met Duke and Tracey was very surprised. Tracey said, “Duke, what are you doing here?” “I’m going home to London, where are you going?” Duke asked. “I’m going to London too, I live there!” Tracey exclaimed. “We should exchange numbers and get in contact when we arrive in London” Duke said.

“Okay, I’ll give you my number.” Tracey said and left with the girls. The girls enjoyed every moment there in Ibiza, and they remembered it forever.


Written by: Gergo

Illustrations by: Gergo

Photos: my father

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