Do you want to hold Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ballon D’Or in your hand?

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This tale can read in spanish: Cuentos de Letras blog, and hungarian also: Betű Mese blog

N Nicole (mother)
F Frank (father)
C Charles (boy)

Frank, darling. Did you put passports in the handbag? – Nicole hesitated.
I’ve got it in my hands. – Frank said – You know, darling, we have to run to the other plane in Lisbon to get in time to fly to Funchal.
Run? – asked Charles. – Are you serious dad? – said Frank with eyes wide open as he scowled up the stairs to the boarding gate.
Otherwise we won’t get the plane if we don’t run. We only have 50 minutes to get there.

When the family were on their way to Funchal, they could only calm down and breathe well.
My goodness! Do you see what I see? – she asked.

Yes! Charles murmured under his nose.
The airport? Are we going to land there? I read that this airport is one of the world’s most … – Charles began to worry.
Stop it Charles! – Nicole shouted. – Do not engage the negative energies! – his mother said to him.
AleHOP!! – they at the same time when they landed.


What is this car, I’m not so used to this! – the father dropped the brakes, and the brakes creaked loudly, whispering strange sounds.
We want to go around the whole island with this bunch of car? Haven’t you seen that you have to go vertically up, then down. – said Charles a little worried.

To the Ronaldo MUSEUM!! – said Charles more excited than their parents.
The next day they parked at the harbor near the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum.
It’s all about Ronaldo! – Nicole nooded.
Of course it is darling, he’s the hero of his island.
Look, there are the pictures when Cristiano Ronaldo took over the Ballon D’Ors
Amazing how many trophies he achived, the Ballon D’or balls, the Golden Boots…
That’s all he got? – Charles inquired.
Yes Yes! – said a man who helped visitors in the room.
Do you want to hold Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ballon D’Or in your hand? – he asked the little boy.
Actually, I really do. Would that be possible? – asked Charles.
Yes, but not anyway! – the caretaker said.
Here’s this tablet, hold it in your hand, and if I press this button, the program will put the Ballon D’Or in your hand.
What? Would that be possible? – the little boy stared.
Yes, let’s do a try? – he gave the tablet to Charles.
Yes! Yes! I really want! – Charles said with a gratified joy.
This is fantastic! A super picture, – said Frank.

There is another way, I can personally cast Ronaldo to be together in the picture! Well, of course, virtually! – the family moved to a screen where there was Ronaldo virtually doing tricks.
Come here mom, come here dad please. – said Charles wanting to be on the photo with his family.

Ok, Ok Charles, we are going with you, – said Nicole to his child.
WOW, what a picture! This are the most beautiful days of my life, said an enthusiastic Charles.
You are a Barcelona fan, but you like Cristiano Ronaldo! – he shook his child Frank.
It was a great experience to hold Ronaldo’s Ballon D’Or. He is truly a talent to win so many medals, cups, and Ballon D’Ors! – the little boy jumped in joy when they came out of the museum.
Obrigado! – said the family when they buyed all the souvenirs.
At that moment a luxury car ran on the road and seemed to wake someone from the window!
Could it be that Cristiano Ronaldo was sitting in it? – the little boy craved.
I’ll remember this photo forever! – said Charles, as long as the bus went up the steep mountain road.
It is said that the last Hungarian king lies in this church! – read aloud the briefing mom.
It’s interesting! Then we’ll read in detail what’s written about it! – now let’s look at this wonderful landscape.
How nice! Oh, but it’s so beautiful with lots of flowers and banana plantations! – he was also a father of sight.
You’re out of the vocabulary, Dad! – Nicole smiled.
I cannot say anything else. This is such a wonderful place! This climate! Fantastic! – he muttered.
You saw the waves, they hit a few feet high. Look, the wawes hit the concrete wall. How much power does the water have? – asked Nicole amazed.
It’s so beatiful, we will come next year? – asked Frank from his wife.
Actually, I would come here every year in June, because I read that there is a cherry festival and it’s one of the most fantastic festivals here on the island! Even though we could only win the lottery. -wished father.
What do you think my little family? Yes! – said the mother and the boy, who had already replaced their WhatsApp’s photo to Charles photo with the Ballon D’Or.


  • Can you draw the letter friends you too?

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