The Mouse Picnic

Once upon a time, there were two mouses called Frank and Lewis. They lived together in a small house just outside of Manchester, England. They really liked to live there especially when the owner of the house wasn’t at home and they could invite their mouse friends.

Lewis one day decided to throw a picnic to his friends the next time the owner of the house wasn’t at home. The problem was that he didn’t know how to do a picnic. He only went to a picnic once, but that was a really long time ago, and he didn’t remember what there was at that picnic.

So, Frank decided to co-organize the picnic, and he helped Lewis get the things that he needed for the picnic. While Frank was thinking of what food should there be at the picnic, Lewis began printing papers announcing the picnic and taping them onto the doors of the mouse houses in the nearby neighborhoods. When Lewis finished putting the papers on the doors, he went home and helped Frank organize.

They began thinking of what food should there be at the picnic, the first & only thing in they’re minds was, you guessed it, CHEESE! The mouses in the area they lived in absolutely loved cheese, and some were really addicted to cheese. They searched all the cupboards in the kitchen in the owner’s house to see if they could find any cheese, but they didn’t find any.

So, Lewis had an idea for the mouses that were coming to the picnic to bring their own cheese. It could be they’re favorite type cheese, or some random type cheese. Once the owner left for a vacation on the seaside, Lewis and Frank opened the doors to the mouses and the picnic began.

The mouses settled in the dining room table, and put the table cloth on the table, the mouses searched some plates, and put the cheese on them. The picnic was going well. The mouses were talking to each other, and they were having fun.

Frank and Lewis were proud of themselves and they were pleased with the picnic they threw together. They were happy, until the owner of the house eventually came home.

Once the owner of the house, whose name was Denis, entered the house and saw the dining room, everything just stopped. The mouses looking at the man and the man looking at the mouses. After a few seconds of nothing, just looking at each other, Denis eventually began screaming and the mouses followed.

Denis quickly called the exterminators and the mouses began running for their lives! Frank and Lewis quickly went into their little house in the living room and when the exterminator arrived, they were forced to abandon Denis’ house.

Once they found a suitable place to live, they settled and enjoyed life and their freedom. Every time they passed mouses on the streets that went to their picnic, they talked about how good it was until the man came home. Anyway, they threw a great picnic and they and every other mouse in their neighborhoods enjoyed it and had fun.


The drawings and the story was made by: Gergo Gajdos

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