Happy Women’s Day!

Once upon a time, there was a fox called Dean. Dean was a really cool fox, because he was know all around his home-forest. A lot of his friends had girlfriends, but he was the only one in his friend group, who didn’t have a girlfriend. His friends talked to him all the time about, “does he have a crush?”, “does he know some cool girl-fox?”, but he always said no.

One day, he was walking in the forest trying to look for any flowers he could use to decorate his garden, and suddenly, he heard another fox singing. When he looked between the trees, and then, he saw her. She saw another fox, just like him, but it was a girl-fox. But unfortunately, Dean didn’t have the confidence to talk to the girl.

He followed her, until he saw that her bow fell of her hair, and he tried to give it to her, but she ran away. Later on that day, when he went to see his friends, he explained the situation to them. Unfortunately, they started saying “Dean is in love!” over and over again, and he was having none of it.

Later, his friends stopped the mocking, and told him to described that girl-fox to them, so they could do research on who she is. Dean explained how she looked and his friends took notes to keep that information with them when they would do the research.

There was also another problem. Dean didn’t know how to talk to that girl in any way! So, his friend, Andy the badger, explained to Dean, who he met her girlfriend and how he met her and talked to her for the first time. Andy met her girlfriend while ice-skating and he begun approaching her and talking to her. While the girl didn’t talk to him, she unfortunately fell but Andy caught her just in time and made a funny joke about “falling for him”.

So, Andy taught Dean on how to talk to that girl-fox, and the rest of Dean’s friends did the research on the girl. Dean eventually got the confidence to talk to the girl, and since women’s day was coming, he knew he could use that opportunity to give that girl-fox a love letter with some flowers. So, he bought some flowers, he wrote the letter, he got the girl-fox’s address, and he went to the front of her house and put the flower bouquet and the letter in front of her door and rang the bell.

When Dean rang the bell, the girl shouted “Coming!”, so Dean ran behind a tree and hid there until the girl cam out to the door. The girl looked around, she didn’t see anyone, but later she noticed the flower bouquet and the letter. She opened the letter, she read it, she smelled the flowers, and that’s when the fox came out from behind the tree and also gave her bow back.

The girl-fox was really happy, so she gave a kiss to Dean’s cheek, and told him to come in for a tea. Andy was happy and since then, Dean and the girl-fox got together and now they make a really cute fox-couple.


The drawings and the story were made by Gergo Gajdos

The source of the images is GettyImages and Pexels

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